Sioen Apparel

From our base in Co. Donegal, Sioen Ireland supply a wide collection of Sioen Apparel to distributors who go on to sell the products to end users throughout Northern and Southern Ireland.

Sioen Ireland

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Categories in the professional market include:


This category is comprised of t-shirts and long underwear in varying options of fabrics. Because of the modern style, cut, and fit of the products, they can easily and comfortably be worn underneath smart clothing.


Our raingear incorporates a collection of items that includes jackets, trousers, suits and coveralls. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable even in the wettest conditions.


Hi-vis clothing has highly reflective properties or a colour that is easily discernible from any background. These products provide improved visibility, which greatly reduces accident rates.

Cold Storage & Food

This range of clothing has been specifically developed for persons working in cold storage warehouses or the food industry.

Cold & Wind Fleeces

Softshells and bodywarmers offer warmth and comfort in cold weather. The clothing is compatible with our raingear thanks to the Interchangeable Lining System (I.L.S.).

Rain & Cold

This clothing is made to protect workers from cold, rain and other adverse weather conditions usually associated with winter.


This range of clothing offers protection in especially hazardous environments, for those a risk of accidental flames or explosion (anti-static garments). Chemical protective clothing is also available within this category.